Out of the silent realm

session 3

session 3

The players start off about to ambush a camp. They get into position and strike the the camp quickly, slaying all of the lookouts immediately. The pikemen come in from the south but the necromancer of the camp raises an army of undead to block them.

Fiery is cursed from the witch doctor and stays blind for the first couple rounds of combat. During that time, she still manages to blast down the female orc frenzier.. After being able to see again, she summons a ball of fire to lash out and attack Fiery’s enemies.

After Celindara takes out the lookout and beheading another attacker, she intimidates her foes before maneuvering behind cover . Getting a good positioning and seeing a recognizable face taken prisoner, Celindara moves in to attack the necromancer and his dire wolf. After a staggering attack to her enemies and seeing Edge go down, Celindara heals her ally. Then, she continues her assault on the enemy.

Edge comes in from the east and after quickly taking out a lookout, slips behind a tent. Seeing that the tent was empty of humanoids, he sneaks through and flanks his enemy. After a quick tussle with the necromancer, the dire wolf comes up behind Edge. Having been attacked and blasted already by his foes, the wolf manages to bite Edge in the femoral artery leg, taking him down. After a heal from celindara, edge is back up so he turns invisible and slices the dire wolf twice. While not enough to take him down, the wolf is hurting at this point.

Zilliad starts the battle by decapitating an enemy and roaring and intimidating his foes. While they do not run away, his foes definitely seem hesitant to attack him. After Zilliad brings the beat down on his nearby foes, he sees Edge go down and rushes to his aid. Before he gets a chance to aid him, Celindara grants him a healing surge which allows Zilliad to focus his attention on the dire wolf. Ziliad strikes down his foe by cutting at the wolf sides, chopping off not only its tail, but its saddle and side too. When the saddle pops off, it rips the skin off the side of the dire wolf.

Fiery finds a note in the necromancer’s stash. It reads from Leoly to Ashkar, commanding the reincarnation of the Magmar goddess. Fiery also receives a vision : the flame of the volcano goddess is extinguished but then reborn. In the process of the rebirth, the flames ignite powerfully enough to dim the symbol that resembles that of the syndicate.

Acerimeth, the necromancer you have just captured revealed that he knows the Achnish Amabaid serves another : another necromancer named Eldon the Unending

Celindara finds evidence of money funneling to Marcus from Eldon.

Gideon, the old orc, reveals the information at a price – that he be allowed to go to the orc haven.

The party manages to save the town, freeing the captive citizens at the local church.

A politician was captured. His name is Adaunnon Galoidda, a political advocate and representative of adventurers. He fights for your rights as an adventurer, but he was captured, beaten, starved. He has the exact location of Drakora – in the shadow district, 13 Kassadin street, the basement. This is the only link to Marcus.



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