Out of the silent realm

session 4

Fiery receives an image from the volcano mother.

session 3

session 3

The players start off about to ambush a camp. They get into position and strike the the camp quickly, slaying all of the lookouts immediately. The pikemen come in from the south but the necromancer of the camp raises an army of undead to block them.

Fiery is cursed from the witch doctor and stays blind for the first couple rounds of combat. During that time, she still manages to blast down the female orc frenzier.. After being able to see again, she summons a ball of fire to lash out and attack Fiery’s enemies.

After Celindara takes out the lookout and beheading another attacker, she intimidates her foes before maneuvering behind cover . Getting a good positioning and seeing a recognizable face taken prisoner, Celindara moves in to attack the necromancer and his dire wolf. After a staggering attack to her enemies and seeing Edge go down, Celindara heals her ally. Then, she continues her assault on the enemy.

Edge comes in from the east and after quickly taking out a lookout, slips behind a tent. Seeing that the tent was empty of humanoids, he sneaks through and flanks his enemy. After a quick tussle with the necromancer, the dire wolf comes up behind Edge. Having been attacked and blasted already by his foes, the wolf manages to bite Edge in the femoral artery leg, taking him down. After a heal from celindara, edge is back up so he turns invisible and slices the dire wolf twice. While not enough to take him down, the wolf is hurting at this point.

Zilliad starts the battle by decapitating an enemy and roaring and intimidating his foes. While they do not run away, his foes definitely seem hesitant to attack him. After Zilliad brings the beat down on his nearby foes, he sees Edge go down and rushes to his aid. Before he gets a chance to aid him, Celindara grants him a healing surge which allows Zilliad to focus his attention on the dire wolf. Ziliad strikes down his foe by cutting at the wolf sides, chopping off not only its tail, but its saddle and side too. When the saddle pops off, it rips the skin off the side of the dire wolf.

Fiery finds a note in the necromancer’s stash. It reads from Leoly to Ashkar, commanding the reincarnation of the Magmar goddess. Fiery also receives a vision : the flame of the volcano goddess is extinguished but then reborn. In the process of the rebirth, the flames ignite powerfully enough to dim the symbol that resembles that of the syndicate.

Acerimeth, the necromancer you have just captured revealed that he knows the Achnish Amabaid serves another : another necromancer named Eldon the Unending

Celindara finds evidence of money funneling to Marcus from Eldon.

Gideon, the old orc, reveals the information at a price – that he be allowed to go to the orc haven.

The party manages to save the town, freeing the captive citizens at the local church.

A politician was captured. His name is Adaunnon Galoidda, a political advocate and representative of adventurers. He fights for your rights as an adventurer, but he was captured, beaten, starved. He has the exact location of Drakora – in the shadow district, 13 Kassadin street, the basement. This is the only link to Marcus.

session 2

Session 2

After an explosion of the merchant vessel the party was on, they manage to get on the vessel that raided them in the first place. After retrieving the cargo and saving all of the passengers, except one sailor, they find the captain of the ship, Captain Rodney Harrington, in a cargo room wrestling with a human rogue. As soon as they enter the room though, the captain slices the throat of the human rogue.

This seemed to be the rogue that blew up the original ship, seeing as there are explosives laying around. One is disguised as a belt while the other is a backpack. Both are highly dangerous.

Captain Rodney Harrington is distraught but demands that we go to the capital city. Nosjen was captured by orc raiders and two other ships that were taken. Orc pirates are now roaming the ocean capturing or destroying vessels for their cargo.

The party finds letter on an orc from a member of Order of the Silent Hand – Next to it, a symbol of the syndicate. His name reads ‘Drakora’. The letter notes the time and date of the vessel’s departure and an estimated time. Captain Wilheim asks if you can find out who gave them this information. Wilheim wants you to find out who is behind the attack, not just for the sake of his boat, but for the sake of other defenseless vessels as well.

Isaic, who is also from Nosjen(Town has 3 ‘natural’ stone docks), demands we go straight to Nosjen in order to save his family. He is distraught and looked like he was about to start a rucus, but luckily, the party manages to calm him down.

Josran is friends with Isaic and thinks that saving the town is more crucial now but agrees to go to the capitol city.

Scene : Entering Matthews

As you pull up to the city, you see 3 large spires erected in the center of the city. Glowing light emits from all of them shooting straight up : red, green, and blue. The docks are busy, and for some reason, you think that they probably never stop getting traffic. Looking to your left and right, you see a total of about 20 docks, 15 of them populated, unloading goods and foods. In between you and the spires lies a 30 foot tall wall and in the distance you can see a gate that will probably grant you access to the city.

Timothy Nibs bids you a good farewell and says he has business to tend to at three cubs tavern. Wilheim proclaims his destination : he is headed to the navy HQ of matthews and to tell of the raids and orc attacks. Josran thanks you again and is headed for politicians to gain more aid in the city of arrowsdale. Isaic exclaims his urgency and is headed to Sellsword tavern to recruit willing combatants to head back to the city of Nosjen.

At the gate, there is a checkpoint, you must be pay 5 silver if you are an adventurer or are not registered with the city. You also must write your names down before entering the city. Celindara uses his political power to skip this ordeal, as there was a recent attack on Nosjen.

Celindara goes to talk to his political contact, Heighbor Redhand. Heighbor tells celindara about a high magistrate being killed by a long time adventurer, which is sparking up a lot of support for the anti adventurer group. Heighbor tells stephan(celendaria) about one of the groups funding the group behind the adventurer ban – order of the silent hand.

Edge goes to three cubs tavern to find a contact ( Norgen Nighthowl ) who knows where the guy he is looking for. The tavern is packed, it’s loud and there are lots of action going on. First he meets him at the bar, and then tells him to follow him up to his room. You enter the room and see a basic lodging area. A cool breeze enters the room, giving it a nice temperature. “Ok listen up. There’s something big going on and I’ve been told you’re looking for Drakora. But first you need to prove to me you are who you say you are.” *Something happens** " Ok, you’re definitely him. I know where Drakora is staging his attack at. He means to attack the city of Matthews as the recent political turmoil is taking place. He and his crew are in" - A spray of blood rains down upon your face as you see an arrow penetrate straight through Norgen’s neck. Lodged in his neck like frankenstein’s bolts on head, Norgen collapses to the ground. Another arrow wizzes by your head, slamming into the door behind you. You grab the corpse and bring it to Celindaras contact for ressurection.

Zilliad, you find an old friend (Ulyses Urgenhaught) from arrowsdale and you chat with him for a while. Yall end up chatting for a while and he tells of a rumor of a recent orc raid on the city of Jogenheim, just south of here.

Rebekah, you find the cult that worships Magnar. They say they have had a vision of Magnar. Magnar’s flames were ablaze, burning bright. Suddenly, an overpowering light took over and suddenly water rushed over Magnar and flame was extinguished. A prophecy has been revealed. We see a hand with red lines extending from it. Then, Magnar’s flame washes over the hand turning it to a decrepit ashing remnant of what it once was.

The party meets up at the three cubs tavern and decides to hunt the orc camp that Zilliad has heard of. After staying the night at Celindara’s contact’s place, the party makes their way in the morning to the orc camp.

Session 1 : It begins

Session 1

We start on a boat headed for the capitol city of Matthews. The scene opens to Edge(Ryan), Ziliad(Sean), Fiery(Bekah), and Celindara(Stephan). The party meets and gets acquainted. A few days from the city, Ziliad walks past the dining room area and hears Timothy Nibs talk of the syndicate. After a brief confrontation, Ziliad manages to convince Tim to give up the name of his contact who knows of the representative for the syndacite. Tim tells Ziliad of the name Jelly Waffle who is staying at the 3 cubs inn.

Tim also asks Ziliad to keep an eye for someone named ashkar.

Another introduction happens between a burly man named josran and celindara. Josran, who is from arrowsdale like Ziliad, mentions that he is going to get aid for the city after the most recent raid. Celindara writes a letter of introduction and recommendation for Josran directed to a contact in Matthews. This should help Josran get the help he’s looking for.

Suddenly, the captain calls out for everyone to be on deck. They see a boat pulling in and it seems to be steered by an injured man. Edge notices stilted movements from the driver and warns Wilheim. The captain warns everyone to be ready for an attack. Sure enough, as soon as the boat gets close enough, three grappling hooks come across and orcs rise up from cover. It’s an orc pirate attack. They also notice dead bodies all around the ship.

Female orc freaks dual wielding swords cross nimbly over the ropes. Well, all but one, who manages to fall off and gets swept away in the busy ocean. Ziliad rushes to the front and blocks off most of the attackers, as well as taking the brunt of the damage. While the orc witch blinds Ziliad and curses the rest of the party, Celindara uses her psionic powers and blasts the attacks, as well as healing her party. Fiery and the orc bombadier blasts the opposing foes with immense heat and power; Fiery knocks the enemies off their feet and summoning living balls of flame to destroy her foes all while the bombadier summons fire grenades and lobs them across the blue expanse. The orc archer blasts arrows into his enemies with such a power to knock them back many feet and Edge bravely darts across the ropes, using his hexblade powers to channel dark magic through his mighty bastard sword, destroying both the bombadier and witch doctor. After the orc freaks have been vanquished, Ziliad decapitates the orc syndaciate leader while he was standing on the edge of the boat. Ziliad manages to barely catch the head as it was about to fall off the edge but as he did, he roared and intimadated at the remaining orc archer, with blood-dripping head in hand. The orc archer decides to defect and goes for an escape, as he is the last one left. As the orc archer was drifting away, Celindara decides to try and leap from the the merchant vessel onto the rowboat but misses and falls straight into the water. Edge responds by cutting one of the ropes, to allow her to catch herself and go back up the rope. Celindara is saved and Fiery decides to launch her fiery ball at the escaping orc archer, causing the boat to sink and the archer to flee from the boat onto the rope Celindara was on. Edge, the only one standing on the enemy’s boat manages to land an eldritch blast on the last orc, destroying it.

During the encounter, the party manages to see some sort of breach at the lower levels of the ship, so the captain orders an investigation.

BANG! Edge is knocked back and on his ass by a massive force, seeing the merchant vessel that they were in originally explode.

To be continued…

Plans for next encounter :
Rescue as many people as they can
Look for explosives
Figure out who’s ship this belongs to
Rescue as much cargo as they can
Investigate deaths of members

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